Don’t wait for Black Friday to buy these items

Black Friday may be known for its deals, but when it comes to some seasonal items the shopping experts at say you’ll actually find better buys before the holiday shopping rush. 122513 christmas shopping 1

BensBargains has put together a list of 7 items it says will be cheaper before Black Friday. Here are its recommendations:

  1. Camping / Outdoor Gear

    Definitely a seasonal item, the number of people that go camping in the winter drops significantly. This means prices on hiking, fishing and camping gear fall dramatically as temperatures fall around the country.

    Look for closeout discounts on camping and outdoor gear between 60 to 80 percent. Plan ahead and purchase new camping supplies this month. The best discounts are on Amazon, eBay, Cabela’s, and REI Outlet.

    2. Patio Furniture

    While patio furniture won’t hit absolute rock-bottom prices until November / December, inventory dwindles significantly as retailers try to make room for Christmas displays in seasonal sections of the store.

    Late September and early October can be an excellent time to snag discounts up to 75 percent while stores still have a decent selection of furniture. Look to retailers like Sears, Home Depot, eBay and Amazon for the best sales.

    3. Dress Shoes / Sneakers / Accessories

    Thanks to the build up to Columbus Day sales (October 10th), you will see dress shoe sales during early October; likely due to retailers clearing out Fall apparel lines. There’s also still time to grab a great deal on running shoes that are still being phased out from summer sales.

    Look for the best deals during Columbus Day sales as retailers use that holiday for a big push on clearing out inventory on shoes as well as accessories like wallets and purses. Look for sales between 40 to 80 percent off on brand name shoes and 50 to 70 percent off on accessories. Retailers like REI, Target,6pm and eBay will offer some of the best deals.

    4. Gardening Tools and Accessories

    Another seasonal item for most of the United States, prices on outdoor gardening supplies are being slashed soon. Items like watering equipment and hand tools will see sharp discounts in early October as well as any remaining outdoor living accessories like patio umbrellas, tents and canopies.

    Look for discounts between 50 to 80 percent on gardening supplies in October as well as discounts on outdoor living accessories between 40 to 70 percent. These discounts will be most popular at retailers like Sears, Lowes, Home Depot, and eBay.

    5. Jeans

    In general, you will see the best sales on the Fall apparel lines being phased out during November, but October is a killer month to get deals on jeans and other denim items. This is due to overwhelming inventory that’s taken on by stores during back-to-school sales.

    Expect to see deals between 50 to 80 percent off on name brand jeans as well as volume discounts when purchasing more than one pair of jeans. Look to retailers like 6pm, Men’s Warehouse, Kohl’s, and Target for some of the best discounts.

    6. Cars

    The 2017 models of new cars are arriving at most dealerships around the country, ideal for anyone that wants to purchase a 2016 model. Your negotiating power on 2016 models is going to continue to grow over the month of October.

    While dealership will often market Columbus Day sales as “last chance” events to purchase 2016 models, the pressure will only increase on dealerships to move 2016 models. Look for the best deals after mid-month, but be aware that inventory will dry up quickly as we move into November.

    7. Holiday Travel Flights / Cruises

    Known as the “Shoulder Season” within the travel industry, October brings travel deals for consumers since it’s technically off-season, despite the peak-season weather sticking around. This is an excellent time to start pricing your holiday travel flights as well as book some fun vacations.

    Specifically, the prices on cruises are slashed in October due to a drop in demand. In addition, Europe’s off-season kicks off on October 1st look for plenty of cheap Euro airfares.


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