On the hunt for a Hatchimal? Check Target, Walmart

The year’s two most sought after toy — Hatchimals  — will be hitting shelves at some Walmart and Target stores across the country.

Remember Cabbage Patch Kids or Tickle Me Elmo? Brace yourself, parents, the latest toy craze has hatched. Hatchimals are large speckled eggs with furry, magical creatures inside that eventually crack out of the egg but only if given enough human attention. As you rub the egg it lights up and makes sounds. Eventually, the baby animal inside begins to peck away and break free. Kids can watch it develop its own personality as it matures from a baby to adulthood, where it can repeat words and play games. Hatchimals landed in stores on Oct. 7 and are already hard to find. A Toys R Us spokesperson said they're currently limited to one per customer. I called several stores, and they were all sold out. They were also out of stock online. Sellers on Amazon are asking $190 for a toy that's listed for $50 at Target, Toys R Us and Wal-Mart, and that's if you can actually find it on the shelves. (Learning Resources)

(Learning Resources)

According to Black Friday website BfAds.net, Walmart will be restocking Hatchimals at roughly 1,700 of its stores.

Target announced on Wednesday that Hatchimals would be available in some of its stores on Sunday, Dec. 11.

“Starting this Sunday, Dec. 11, Target stores across the country will begin to receive dozens of Hatchimals ($59.99), with inventory popping up throughout the week,” the company said. “You’ll need to be quick to scoop these up (limit two per guest) while supplies last, so be sure to check your local store.”

The interactive is virtually impossible to find in stores, and resellers looking to cash in on its popularity have marked them up dramatically on sites like eBay.



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